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img_3780-2The Academy of General Dentistry reports school lunches and snacks are not nutritious for our children’s teeth. Research has shown an increase in the intake of sugar among school age children thus putting them at a greater risk for tooth decay. Researchers tracked and monitored the teeth of preschool children before and after school. The results showed that 59 percent of the children who had eaten sugar four or more times a day or ate two or more snacks between meals at age 5, increased to 83 percent at age 6; a 24-percent increase. With that, the study found an increase in the number of decayed and missing teeth. It is very important to monitor your child’s eating habits! Help your child avoid candy, soda, caramels, and other foods that contain refined sugar. Eating meals and snacks full of fresh fruits and vegetables will not only help your child maintain a healthy diet but also will help ensure good oral health!

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